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Mini Kit: Breathe


Clear the air of unwanted, harmful pathogens this autumn/winter and protect your family’s health the natural way.


BREATHE SET: A Zephyr Mumma mini kit


• Great to use in the diffuser as a trio – just a couple of drops of each oil is all that’s needed to create a beautiful crisp, clean scent, and cleanse the surrounding environment of nasty smells and pathogens that may cause respiratory discomfort.


• Put a couple of drops of each oil in your diffuser to open up the airways at night. This combination of oils promote ease of breathing and a better night’s sleep, especially in the cooler months.


Clean surfaces the natural, toxin-free way – these oils are highly antibacterial and anti-fungal. Use 10 drops of each in a glass or stainless steel spray bottle, topped up with water and a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol to create your own all purpose antibacterial spray.


*Price includes 1 x 15ml doTerra Lime oil, 1 x 15ml doTerra Eucalyptus oil and 1 x 15ml doTerra Tea Tree oil

**Each 15ml bottle contains approximately 240 drops of pure essential oil.


Suggestion: Add a customer membership to your order to shop directly with doTERRA, and get access to hundreds of essential oils and natural products not available to non-members. You’ll also get 25% RRP for 12 months – pretty snazzy hey?


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