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Nature’s Solution Kit


I call this the ‘Marie Kondo’ kit because you can replace everyday household items with these natural alternatives. It’s everything you need in one kit.


This kit is for the family who want to ‘Marie Kondo’ their household products and medicine cabinet, replacing everyday items containing harsh chemicals and synthetics with natural and effective alternatives.


The versatility of this kit is incredible. Check out what’s included and some of the ways they can be used below;


Oils (5ml bottles)

  1. Ice Blue (comforting): Muscles • Joints • Cramping

Oils (10ml bottles)

  1. Clary Calm (alleviating): Women’s Health • Lower Abdomen • Emotions
  2. Past Tense (easing): Tightness/Tension • Head • Neck • Shoulders

Oils (15ml bottles)

  1. Frankincense (restoring): Anti-Ageing • Anxious Feelings • Immune Health
  2. Lavender (calming): Skin • Mood • Sleep
  3. Tea Tree (resolving): Hair • Skin • Nails • Green Cleaning
  4. Lemon (cleansing): Detoxifying • Green Cleaning • Mental Clarity
  5. Peppermint (cooling): Tummy • Tension • Uplifting
  6. Easy Air (freeing): Respiratory Support
  7. On Guard (empowering): Immune Support
  8. DigestZen (soothing): Digestive Support
  9. Oregano (supporting): Immune • Digestion
  10. Purify (clarifying): Air Purifier • Laundry • Skin Irritations
  11. Aromatouch (invigorating): Muscles • Massage
  12. Lavender Peace (restful): Sleep • Emotional Support
  13. Citrus Bliss (enlivening): Energising • Air Purifier • Natural Perfume
  14. Smart and Sassy (stimulating): Metabolism
  15. Lemongrass (awakening): Skin Toning • Flavouring • Massage


Additional Products Included In This Kit

  1. Petal Diffuser (1hr, 2hr, 4hr settings, night light, automatic switch off)
  2. Ice Blue Rub
  3. Correct X skin ointment
  4. Fractionated Coconut Oil: (essential for topical application)
  5. Easy Air Vapour Stick
  6. Wooden Storage Box
  7. On Guard Toothpaste
  8. On Guard Foaming Hand Wash + 2 Dispensers
  9. On Guard Beadlets

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